Thursday, September 23, 2010


It has been awhile, since I have updated this blog, and I apologize for the tardiness. After a whirlwind journey through India and the Middle East, I found myself back at home in Singapore for barely a month, before starting on another adventure...this time, it is back to school at the University of Southern California (USC) for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

On the side however, I have also been moonlighting as a Producer for a brand new Adventure Travel Television Show titled STAMPED! This is a show for young travelers, by young travelers, and especially for the backpackers around the world!

Do support us, by visiting our website:, as well as "Like" our Facebook Page

The website and blog is our way of connecting with you, the audience. Check back often for updates and developments, and follow along as we take this project from concept to fruition. Expect frequent updates from the production team, crew, and our host Jessica Felice, as they blog about their experiences. We will also take you behind the scenes with exclusive video and pictures from our destinations.

Happy Travels!!!


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