Monday, March 29, 2010

Showers of Blessing

The following story is really too funny not to share! At this point, I am not really sure if I have the best of luck, or possibly the worst! But one thing for sure, the many Gods in India are having a great time playing tricks on me!

Leaving Rishikesh, I was on my way to see the famed Sikh Golden Temple, and the journey would involve taking a local bus back to Haridwar and then catching a 10 hour train ride to Amritsar. Having cleansed my soul by bathing in the Ganges just days before, and having gotten two Ayurvedic massages in as many days, I was basking in both spiritual and physical bliss.

As I was walking out of the Bandari Swiss Cottage, down the hill to catch an auto rickshaw to the bus station, I suddenly felt a rush of warm liquid hitting my head. It flowed down the side of my face, soaking my t-shirt and began trickling off my arm. I jump to the side and look up, curious to see where it was coming from. Staring back at me, are two bright pink cheeks. There, sitting high on a branch, a monkey had just pissed on me!

With my friend Bron in stitches, I shrug and wipe what I could off my face. “Just another day in India!”, I say. It would be 14 more hours before I could wash it off.


  1. That was to funny. But only you. (lol) Crystal.