Sunday, December 6, 2009

‘Tis the Season – Great Gifts for the Global Backpacker (Part Two)

Here is Part Two of my gift guide for the global backpacker. Be sure to check out Part One for the rest of the list.

6. Netbook: A netbook is a very small (10” Screen) and light (usually 2-4 lbs) laptop computer whose primary function is to get onto the Internet. If you are traveling for 30 days or less, you probably will not need one, but for longer trips, this can be a lifesaver! Increasingly, wireless wifi is available for free at many hostels and cafés around the world. A netbook will allow you to conduct research, update social networking sites or blogs on the go – without having to wait in line for a computer at the hostel, or pay to use one at an Internet café. Another benefit for the netbook over a handheld like the ipod Touch is that you have a full keyboard to type on, and you can download pictures from your camera for editing and posting. Now, if only Apple were to make a MacBook this size!

7. Phrase Book: It is always handy to know how to order food or ask for the bathroom in the local tongue. Lonely Planet has phrase books and mp3s in over 50 languages for download. However, because I know that I will be spending some time in South America, the Rosetta Stone Latin America Spanish Set is what I really want for Christmas.

8. Money belt: This is not your parent’s money belt! I hate the old style money belts that fit around your body under your clothes. The Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt looks like a regular belt, feels like a regular belt and works like a regular belt. The secret, a zipper pocket on the inside of the belt. The only downside is that other than cash, it is too small to hold just about anything else.

9. Multifunction Watch: This watch takes the world “multifunction” to a whole new level. Besides telling the time and having a sturdy waterproof built, this watch also doubles up as a compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer.

10. Quick Dry Travel Towel: I already have one of these, but I could use a bigger one. Ultralight and quick drying, this towel does not have the same plush feeling as a terry cloth towel, but otherwise does its job pretty well.


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