Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only in Vegas

What is it about Las Vegas that always seem to suck the energy out of you? Even without trying at all, a weekend in Vegas always results in too little sleep, too much food, and a hole in my pocket!

Here are some random thoughts that came up over the weekend:

1. There are people whose job is to dress up as a pirate or a Roman gladiator every single day! I wonder how long they stay on those jobs? Will Halloween ever be the same again?

2. How many glasses do the casinos lose everyday from people just walking out with their drinks?

3. How many people are hired in the city to hand out dial-a-stripper cards? Click, click, click. Are they paid a) by the hour; b) by the number of cards handed out; or c) by the number of calls made to the number on the card? (Not that I ever considered a career in that field!)

4. Cirque du Soleil is definitely enjoying a lot of success in Vegas. I have personally seen three different shows, and can easily name off another three. So between all of the Cirque du Soleils and other shows around Vegas, on any given day, there must be 300 or so individuals walking the street that could pick their noses with their toes.

As a side note, visiting Vegas this time of the year is slightly cheaper as it is considered the low season. Best of all, there are hardly any crowds to deal with, and barely a wait for a table at meals. And yes, the $4.99 Prime Rib dinner actually does exist, and it’s surprisingly tasty.


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